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Izzy Melody invited to 10 Downing street
By Alissa Koopal on Sep 13, 2013 at 6:36 AM

Last week we received a very exciting phonecall-

We were invited to the Prime Ministers residence! (Eek!)

10 Downing Street had handpicked a handful of new and exciting businesses to present their amazing achievements to Mr. David Cameron as he was about to announce further funding for a new sheme that supports budding entrepreneurs.

Needless to say we were extremely honoured to have been noticed by them and to have been invited to showcase our I.M. BabyBangles!

Well, thursday the 12th was THE day! After a long journey and feeling very surreal driving through the gates of Downing street and parking right infront of his front door we set up in one of the stunning rooms and waited expecting to maybe (if we were lucky) give him a handshake..

He said that he had read about them and thought they were fantastic! (Double Eek!!) We told him about Izzy Melody and ofcourse about our Proudly British made I.M. BabyBangles and had an amazing chat with him about the many uses of the BabyBangle- The fact that it is not 'just' a teether, that the right safe & shaped 'biting/oral' toys are directly linked to speech development, weaning practice and motor skills. (also that they are used for babies with feeding difficulties) About the practicallity of travel with them and the fact they can be sterilised, we spoke about the specific design being made to be lightweight and allow the perfect grasp for younger babies and therefore the long lifespan and durability of the bangle- From birth to toddler age (to reach those tricky molars and as an 'aid' to stop dummie or thumb sucking).

We have given him a Cherry Blossom Bangle for his beautiful little Florence and we also gave him a Deep Turquise Bangle for Little Prince George and asked him to pass it on..  (Triple Eek is in order!!!)

It was a fantastic event, with also other ministers, James Caan, Levi Roots and other business people attending to celebrate the success of the rise of new businesses and the new funding for the initiative.

The Event was covered by many media channels including ITV, so make sure you keep an eye out for us!

We are extremely proud of our little bangles making it to 10 Downing Street!