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Opportunity to get your teeth in
By Alissa Koopal on Mar 16, 2016 at 8:40 AM


We are announcing a really exciting opportunity to our customers, friends, family, partners and investors! We are launching a super exciting crowdfunding campaign in association with equity business crowdfunders: Crowdcube THIS Friday the 18th March starting at 8.30 AM!


Opportunity to sink your teeth into well-loved BabyBangle venture.

Izzy Melody is announcing that they are running a very exciting crowdfunding campaign in association with business equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, launching this Friday the 18th March.

Izzy Melody, widely known for its worldwide selling BabyBangle teether, designs, develops and implements innovative baby care products in the ‘supporting/soothing category’ in the nursery industry, with products manufactured in the UK for added quality and ethical control.

Their launch product, the Izzy Melody BabyBangle- a multi-functional baby teething ring that also supports oral and motor skills from birth to toddler age- has been capturing attention since the start in 2013. From Nell McAndrew, through to even Prime Minister David Cameron. With stockists such as John Lewis, Mothercare and Shop direct and contracts set up to start supplying China-where we have seen an incredible uptake of quality British baby products-and other countries this year.

With the company expanding its distribution and contacts worldwide, investment is now needed to support this exciting growth.

Founder and Managing Director- Alissa Koopal started the business in 2013 as a sole trader after coming up with a range of supporting products after having 2 daughters.

“All parents know exactly how hard it can be to soothe an irritated, tired or teething baby that just can’t seem to get comfortable without the right support.”

“I have 2 gorgeous little girls, and when I had my babies, I found it difficult to find suitable, quality products to truly support us in our ‘sleep deprived’ but very happy time.

It opened my eyes in regards to the heaps of useless, overpriced products available in the nursery market and ended up sitting at the drawing board myself. After a load of research in to materials, children’s development, shapes and manufacturing processes- I came to design the BabyBangle as well as products for our collections we aim to launch over the next year.”

With over 700.000 babies born per year in the UK alone, it is no surprise that the nursery industry is booming. Mintel predicts an up-rise in successful higher quality and innovative products in the baby market due to parents’ wishes and demand changing in regards to image, lifestyle and practicality.

Izzy Melody aims to use the money raised through their campaign for the development and IPO tie’ ups of the product collections-which are being anticipated by their current and new customers-, staffing, purchasing in more economical quantities and marketing such as trade shows- their main route to market.

Alissa Koopal: “We are very excited to invite people to invest- with an extremely tight budget and small team, we have managed to lay a sound foundation for Izzy Melody to build up-on, we have proven the concept that the type of product works in a retail environment and is loved by parents, and now is the time for us to blossom and make the most of this. The ‘soothing’ category is a number 1 on parents shopping list- after all, we all want a happy, comfortable baby”.

“We have been humbled by the incredible recognition we have received from awards to major press, being named one of 15 female entrepreneurs by The Telegraph and a visit to 10 Downing street. We hope that investors can see the amazing potential in Izzy Melody Ltd and join our story- after all, we have only just begun!”