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 Izzy Melody BabyBangle



"The BabyBangle is a flexible, lightweight teething ring with a soft density that will help your baby to safely soothe chomping needs, as well as help stimulate speech, weaning & motor skills practice."

Designed to provide the perfect grasp for tiny hands and to compliment  your baby’s stages and development from birth to toddler. It will even reach the far back molars with ease! The BabyBangle can be steam-sterilised, is dishwasher safe (top shelf), swim & bath proof and can be cooled in a fridge/freezer or icecold water to create extra relief. The Bangle can be worn by either mum or baby or is compatible to put on a strap to ensure it is always close to hand and doesn’t get lost.

Tested and Loved by many parents and healthcare proffessionals, the I.M. BabyBangle has proven to be a true Must-have to support both mum and baby on their exciting journey together.



The I.M. BabyBangle is suitable for all ages! To get the most use out of the bangle, we recommend use from birth (Due to the lightweight and easy to hold design and the fact it can be sterilised it is perfect for younger babies) all the way through to toddler age (When it will reach even the far back molars with ease). Most tots will have all their milk teeth by their 3rd birthday. After the teething stages, the Babybangle is recommended to use as an aid to get tots of their dummie or to help them stop thumb sucking aswell. The soft and flexible gumi like material and feel of the bangle allows it to be twisted, bended and folded, having a great impact on practising motor skills for your little one.



Due to the strength of the I.M. BabyBangle, it is a recommended chewing aid for adults and children with special needs such as ADD, SPD and ASD. It is widely known that for individuals with sensory issues, chewing is a way of remaining calm in stressful situations or can be a part of the daily routine for some.  Also the fact that the bangle is very tactile with its soft, flexible and gumi like material and we have had great feedback on how 'the feel' can work in a calming manner too. The bangle can be a safe and discreet way to relief the urge to bite, chew, fiddle or pinch.

As with all chewing aids for older ages, however, it is incredibly important that the I.M. BabyBangle is checked after every use as the biting strenght varies per individual.

The I.M. BabyBangle also gets used as an aid for babies and tots with feeding difficulties due to the size and the density. It does so by allowing 'oral practice' basically training the oral muscles in a safe manner to help develop the strength of the muscles and to get used to the feel of chewing and making these particular movements with the mouth.



The I.M. BabyBangle is made of the highest quality Medical grade silicone and made here in Britain to allow full safety, quality and etchical control and to enable us to give you that extra peace of mind when it comes to your loved ones. The Medical grade silicone is chosen as it is totally non-toxic (BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free) and has got an incredibly high durability and is almost impossible to rip, all whilst being very soft and flexible with a density that will soothe those needs. It is the same material that gets used in ll the premium branded bottle teets, dummie soothers and in the hospitals.

The medical grade silicone we use for all our bangles does not drain any natural resources as it is made from quartz sand, the most abundent element on earth. We do not use any additional materials to polish the bangles either, it is the idea of polishing a shoe with a plain brush over and over again to get a nice glossy shine.



The I.M. BabyBangle carries the CE mark for toy and oral use for all ages. As with any toy, we do recommend to check the bangle regularly and to discard in the rare occassion of any irragularities occuring. 



It could not be easier! The I.M. BabyBangle can endure temperatures from -40C to 200C! Due to this, you can steam-sterilise, dishwash (top shelf) and wash the bangle with warm soapy water. You can also put the bangle in a fridge or freezer or ice-cold water to create extra cold relief if your tot is going through an extra painful teething period. You can also take your bangle out swimming or in the bath!

Any minor and small dents that may occur after biting it will simply pop out in a few hours. The 'shine' on your bangle may become more 'matt' within time and use as it is polished with a machine and NOT with any added products to ensure safety for your baby. If you find that your bangle attracts some 'fluff' from wooly clothes (A common thing with silicone, the same as dummies and teats) Don't worry, rest assured, this will diminish with use. It is just because it is new and polished. Just make sure you wear it, wash it and rub it to speed up the process.



Your I.M. BabyBangle comes in a beautiful modern magnet close giftbox and truly makes the perfect gift for any occassion such as Christmas, a baby shower or ofcourse as a present to yourself and your bubs. It comes with a small guide just to remind you of all the uses the BabyBangle has.


If you have any questions, please make sure you contact us on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!