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Loved By

"I read about the Bangles and it is utterly brilliant! AND made in the UK" - He was then also given one for his daughter and one for Prince George
Mr David Cameron, UK Prime Minister
Oct 12, 2013
"I recommend the I.M. BabyBangle to any mum that wants a safe and easy to manage biting toy, especially for the younger babies that have the urge to chew with weeks old, it is fantastic that it can be sterilised!"
Margareth Hughes, Midwife
Oct 12, 2013
Sofia loved her bangle as soon as we bought one at the baby show. She chews on it, plays with it and I love it as its so easy to clean! No more Sophie giraffe, babybangles all the way!!
Michelle Hadley, Mum to Sofia
Oct 18, 2013
"The girls love playing with and chewing on their Bangles"
Ashely Tribault with twins Lizzy & Molly, Canada
Oct 16, 2013
"These are brilliant! Now the important questions is- what colour is my fav"
Paddy McGuiness & Christine Martin
Oct 16, 2013
"I was shocked to see how much Jack took to it and loved it. I've watch him all weekend carry it around. He loves the feel of it and likes the sensation when he places and balances the rubber on his face. He also loves it in his mouth, so thanks, a million!"
Mark Womersley, of Markedperception, Dad of Jack
Oct 18, 2013
Zara Poppy Loves her Babybangle, I am telling everyone about it, we never leave home without it!
Kayleigh Horton, Mum to Zara Poppy
Oct 18, 2013
These bangles are jolly clever if a) you are still to get some more teeth (I’ve got all my front ones now, but they’re still getting used to being in my mouth) and b) your Mummy likes bracelets. They come in three colours but I only really had the choice of two cos the other colour is pink and that’s for girls. Mum said it is a nice shade of pink tho. #whatevs The bangle itself is really fun to chew and also quite fun to wear on your head like a halo. If my dog Doodle has puppies they could use it as a collar also
Wild Henry
Oct 18, 2013
I was a little hesitant however, as I have absolutely enormous hands. So big that they are a constant source of amusement for friends and family.The bangle arrived promptly, packaged in a beautiful gift box. I tentatively forced it over my man hands and it fit! I felt like Cinderella! I am also happy to report that Elsa loved it as much as I do. It fits perfectly in her hands, easy to grip and easy to get in her mouth. She certainly seems to like having a good chomp on it! It is easy to clean, can just be popped into the steriliser whilst I am doing the bottles or can be put in the dishwasher, if you are lucky enough to have one! Overall it has been a fab buy, I just need to get it in the other two colours now. As it fits over my hands I will be wearing even when I don't have a baby with me!
What Elsa wears
Oct 18, 2013
Editor’s Choice: “I tried out the bangle on my niece and she loved it! She is always looking for a part of my jewellery to chomp on, so the I.M BabyBangle is more than ideal. She can hold it in her own hands, you can clean it easily (and even steam sterilise or pop in the dishwasher!), and she seems to get a lot of relief from getting her gums around it! A hit with me and a hit with her- it’s a must have for any little one!”
Kate, Editor of Insight magazine
Oct 18, 2013
Evie is only four months old which is pretty early to be teething, but the dribbling, runny nappies and rosy cheeks are all there and everything she can get her hands on goes straight into her mouth! Because she's so little, I've struggled to find her a teething toy that she can actually hold. Daisy didn't teethe until she was much older so I've found that her old toys are too heavy and awkward for Miss E. We tried them all and even treated her to some brand spanking new ones but to no avail - and we were just about to give up when, through the magic of Twitter, I discovered the Izzy Melody teething bangle.. Yes, you heard right - a teething bangle. That is, a bangle for mama to wear and for baby to chew on whenever he or she is grizzly. I'd never heard of teething jewellery before and think it's just the most brilliant idea ever.
Modern Mummy
Oct 18, 2013
I was really impressed with the I.M. Baby Bangle. As a Mummy I was fed up of having to remove jewellery because it wasn't 'child friendly'. So it was so refreshing to see a stylish product that could be worn dressed up or down and actually be practical for my children at the same time. Often jumping public transport I dread the teething stage as it often means 'glares on the bus' as you frantically look for ANYTHING to soothe your child. Having the I.M. Baby Bangle so readily available meant I immediately had something to hand to offer that comfort to my child. I would highly recommend the bangle to any Mum and Mum-to-be. (It also makes a beautiful gift too). As Founder of Mummy and Me Magazine I see hundreds of baby related products each week, but this is certainly in my top ten recommended must-haves!
Michelle Thompson, Founder of Mummy & Me magazine and mummy to Eden & Bethany
Oct 18, 2013
The bangle itself is actually a really good fit for me, as when I buy "proper" bangles from the high street, they are nearly always far too big, and fall off my wrist, whereas this one stays on! Bonus points! I actually would have really liked it even if I didn't have a monster with sore teeth! However, I do... and as soon as she spotted me admiring my new look, she toddled over to me to clearly remind me that what is mine is really all hers. So off it came, and straight into her mouth! It's easily squished, and not at all rigid, so my little one could easily play with it, and hold it in her hands while she chomped on it. Honesly the only other really teething product we previously used, Sophie the Giraffe, basically loses two points now, because 1) I cannot wear Sophie, and 2) I cannot sterilise Sophie.. All in all, this is a brilliant invention from the lovely Alissa and (if I can claw it back from my little monster), I will be wearing it or taking it with us wherever we go! Top marks from Travel with Tots! :-)
Travel with tots
Oct 18, 2013
I love them! Even looks good with Stella & Dot!
Georgina Carlisle, Owner of Giraffe Nursery store
Oct 18, 2013
Hi Izzy I just wanted to thank you so much for the prize that I / my mummy won from you my mummy gave it me this morning and I absolutely love it! Thank you love Heath (12 weeks old)
Hayley Mason, mummy to Heath
Oct 18, 2013
Here is Bella loving the bangle. Came just in time for 2 new teeth! Thanks xx
Charlotte Elizabeth Hobson, Mummy to Bella
Oct 18, 2013
We Love it!
Suze, mummy to Sam
Oct 18, 2013
Thanks so much for our cherry blossom I.M. Babybangle. We love it. We are really struggling with teething at the moment and Izzy loves chewing on the bangle to ease her discomfort. Love the colour and the gorgeous box. Thanks again
Tracy Hudson
Oct 18, 2013
I love combining practicality with style!
It's a mummy look
Oct 18, 2013
This thing, I called it a thing at first, as when I bought it I was highly intrigued with the beautiful packaging, the colourfulness and the low price! Oh wow it's amazing the colour is so bright! And it's all made in the UK! My daughter wears it, I wear it, we all wear it! It's become a comforter for bed now! (No more dummies yay!) At the moment it is helping her through her last stage of teething and for such a fantastic price. It's a top must have for anyone with a baby in the family the IM bangle also makes a delightful present! The parents will thank you for months! (My friend did!) The way it is presented in its own box for safe keeping is excellent, Would I recommend this? Of course! I have done to everyone!!
Michelle Whitney, mummy to Betsie & Vinnie
Oct 18, 2013
Thanks to @IzzyMelody for this great babybangle! Jude loves it!
Sara, Mummy of Jude- Hollyoaks E4
Oct 19, 2013
@IzzyMelody totally in 💓💕with my new teething bangle !! Amazing idea and sure Charlie will love chewing it tomorrow x Exact match ! Baby took bangle and won't give back - think I need a black one now as he's a boy !!
Gemma Bertenshaw
Oct 19, 2013
Yes! Like the BabyBangle. With 2 little teeth pushing through it's getting lots if use! :) thank you x
Nell Mcandrew, Model, Presenter, Athlete & Mummy
Oct 22, 2013
Noah loves his I.M. BabyBangle! He goes Nuts when he has it in his mouth and he likes it around his wrist when playing!
Katie Lawrenson, Mummy to Ashley & Noah, Canada
Oct 25, 2013
I got a bangle of Izzy Melody a while ago and just want to say thank you again, it's coming in very handy! My sons teething again and is in a lot of pain and you bangle is working wonders he loves a chew on it and soothes the pain!
Shanice Smith, mummy to Chase
May 15, 2014
Only thing I would say is.. why were you not in business with ALL my little people! Charlotte loves this and so do her brothers who steal it!! It's fabulous and easy to clean!
Klaire van der Hulks, Mummy to Charlotte & her brothers
May 15, 2014
Both my boys loved that Mummy had something that was hers that they could have! Mummy's things are always more appealing to them right?!....I even used it as an alternative to my little ones dummy, and gave it him to chew on instead. We are excited to see where Izzy Melody goes next and highly rate this baby bangle. It is a great new mum accessory that has stood the test of my two boysterious boys!!
Rachel Martin
May 15, 2014